About Us

GELAGLE is a company dedicating on importing those products which are problem-solving for our societal groups.  ‘GELAGLE‘ is written as ገላግሌ  in Amharic which is a national language of Ethiopia. It is to mean ‘let something problem be solved easily and free from that problem forever’. Taking the brand meaning understood, we have been importing products keeping its brand. 

GELAGLE is a registered brand having an astonishing acceptance throughout the nation. The main reason for its acceptance is that all products which are imported by our company are quality oriented. We have three basic requirements to import goods across the world, especially from China and Taiwan. The first one is to be the first; it means that all importing products should be new for the Ethiopian market. Quality is the second basic requirement in which our company firmly follows. This helps us to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce the risk and cost of replacing faulty goods. In addition, we have 100% confidence level when we guarantee a year for most of our products. The third one is affordable price. The profit margin range of our company is between 10 to 30 percent. This will be calculated depending on the turnover of the product.

GELAGLE management has many years’ experience in the fields of import business. Sourcing reliable products and suppliers, marketing to address target groups of products and distributing as well as delivering these products effectively and efficiently are the basic functions of the management. Since we import new products for the Ethiopian market, the management always goes through a process of careful, market-oriented strategic planning.

GELAGLE products are sold through agent basis as well as online shopping. All sales agents have accurate and experience of finding customers for mutual benefits. They fulfill their jobs with product knowledge for it is an essential sales skill. They delivery persons are always ready to serve customers timely and correctly. In addition to this sales channel, we are always an active participant in the bazaars taking place in different cities and town of the country throughout a year.